MADE FOR A PURPOSE – 2: Empty… and Emptied…

Whatever was using them before now, they were emptied of all such: self, Satan and the world. They were no longer available for ceremonial feet washing by men. Such ignoble use was not what they were carved, crafted and set there for. Men who were not ready for true consecration could no longer have access to them because they have been emptied. Emptied and made ready for the real purpose that their maker has in mind for them at creation.  

Jesus emptied Himself of all His own glory in order to become a vessel for our salvation. This leaves me with an example of what to seek for, as I hope to be used of God. I must be emptied so as to be filled with something divine which is necessary for my use by God. I must stay clear of all that seeks or will seek to fill me, for that will make me unavailable to be filled with the life of Christ by God.

The Lord commanded that the waterpots of stone be filled because they were empty. It was not that day that they were emptied. It is not in the day of my divine usage that I will seek to be emptied. Such crashed program does not allow the oil of anointing to flow upon a man’s head. This is where David’s brothers missed it. Outward sanctification of washing clothes even for three days is not sufficient to empty a man’s heart in readiness for the infilling of the Holy Spirit for the Lord’s choice vessel. The Lord looks not at the face but the heart, and that is where I need to empty and be emptied.         Lord, this again is the yearning of my heart. Purge me and empty me of all things until I am free to be filled afresh with Thy Spirit. I must not even be filled with my past experience in ministry. I must not fill my heart with anything stale. I want to be fresh in your hand O Lord. Fill me anew. Fill me with the fresh water from the stream. Flush me out and cleanse me thoroughly till I am fit to bear the water of life unto my generation. Amen.